Top Fitness Picks

Top Fitness Picks

Finding the right fitness equipment that is both practical and stylish can be a tough find. When putting together your gym kit it is important to have useful and functional equipment that covers all your needs. Upgrade your gym equipment with our top fitness picks that would be a welcome addition to your kit.

Varsity Barrel Gym Bag

Made from durable polyester, our varsity barrel gym bag is the perfect upgrade to any gym kit. Its wipe clean interior means that even after the sweatiest or muddiest of workouts, the bag can be wiped clean ready for the next fitness regime! Generously sized at 50 x 25 x 25cm, there is enough room for all the essential gym equipment such as clothes, gear, and shoes. This bag also has a detachable shoulder strap as well as carry handles so you can transport your kit to and from the gym in ease. There is no wonder Origym named this bag one of the best gym bags to buy on a budget!

Gym Towel with Zip Compartment

Our zipped pocket gym towel is the ideal accessory for even the sweatiest of workouts. Made from 100% cotton, they are durable and absorbent. Our towels even come with a handy zip compartment, so you can keep your valuables and belongings close to you as you work out. Practical and stylish, these generously sized gym towels are the perfect addition to your fit kit.

Game Set Match Tennis Towel

These tennis towels are the perfect way to keep cool on the courts. Embroidered with a ‘game, set, match’ logo and a name of your choice, there would be no losing your towel whilst serving. This towel is designed to keep you sweat free and your racket clean whilst on the court. Available in 6 different colour ways, these towels are ultra-stylish as well as practical.

Tri-Fold Golf Towels

There are many reasons to choose our tri-fold golf towel, and practicality is one of them. Our velour finish golf towel is ideal for keeping both your clubs and balls clean, as well as yourself whilst on the golf course. Featuring a carabiner clip so you can clip the towel onto your bag with ease for easy access, these towels are ideal for any keen golfer to add to their kit. The compact tri-fold design of this towel means that it can be easily stored when not in use. The towel is also available in 16 different colour ways. The ultimate addition to your golfing equipment.

Personalised Vintage Overnighter

The functional vintage overnighter bag doubles up as both a small overnighter bag and a gym bag. Perfectly sized at 47 x 30 x 23cm, this bag can fit a full change of clothes, a towel and shoes – ideal for your gym visits. The adjustable straps are made for comfort and ease, as you can switch between a handheld to over the shoulder. This bag is both functional, practical, and stylish. Available in a sophisticated navy and made from polyester, so it can also be used for muddy workouts outside. The functionality of this bag makes it an ideal pick to upgrade your gym kit.

gym towel with eat, sleep, train repeat embroidered design
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