How to Pick the Most Luxurious Bath Towels

Towels have endless uses and they are needed everywhere. They help keep your bathroom clean and hygienic. Business entrepreneurs need them for a pleasant and appealing living place and when it comes to residences, it expresses your views through their designs and prints. 

4 Major Uses of Towels

  • To cover yourself after a shower
  •  Drying yourself off after a shower
  •  To have your hair wrapped
  •  To keep the floor clean from dripping water

 A towel is an absorbent piece of cloth that is used to dry or wipe a body or a surface. It pulls moisture from the air by coming in contact with it directly. The majority of consumers prefer pure cotton towels of the highest quality to have a nice and comfy experience, thanks to the soft cotton texture.

The plush and luxurious towels with a unique design can really improve your life. Today, we would like to provide you with an insight into one of the handiest and most adaptable towel kinds available: the bath towel. This will undoubtedly distinguish high-quality towels from ordinary towels, and you will be prepared to make an intelligent towel purchase.

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Luxury Towels

Always Check The Material

Although there are a variety of fabrics available in the market and online, cotton still reigns supreme when it comes to attaining the right mix of absorbency and softness. Towels made entirely of cotton are known for their exceptional softness. These are the fluffiest and softest towels you should be handpicking. As cotton towels are smooth and pleasant against the skin, they are the best choice to go for.

It is essential to refrain from purchasing towels that are not made of cotton. This is due to the fact that cotton is naturally soft, hypoallergenic, and absorbent. It is an excellent fabric for bath towels because of these characteristics. Duncan Stewart's variety of cotton bath towels will surely display how important it is to go for towels made of cotton. 

Consider The Weight Of The Fabric

The greatest luxury bath towels are those which soak a lot of water while also making you feel like you're wearing nothing.

GSM refers to grams per square meter and is a measurement of a towel's density. The greater the GSM, the thicker, gentler, and more hydrophilic the towel is. Duncan Stewart towels have the perfect GSM and provide the collection for both heavy as well as light-weight towels. 

Pick The Right Size

With so many sizes to choose from, deciding which one to pick is a matter of personal preference. Bath towels are usually made with the softest, highest-quality ones and are medium-sized. Bath sheets are perfect for the master suite or as a swimming towel. Hand towels are small and a terrific way to add color and texture to any bathroom.

Mind The Quality

Look at the towel loops to make sure they're in good shape. The towel will absorb more water if the loops are denser. Sturdy ends and loops for simple hanging are other features to look for when inspecting the quality of a towel.

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