Product Size Guides for aztex by Duncan Stewart

Understanding the Aztex Product Size Guide


Wearable Products

Our Sherpa Hooded Blankets are suitable for children three (3) years or older. Designed in one size, they have no specific sizing fit but are most comfortably used up to a Women's Size 22 or Men's 2 XL to 3 XL.

Hooded Sherpa Blanket

Our adult size Sherpa Hooded Ponchos are a one size fits most, comfortably worn up to a Women's Size 22 or Men's 2XL to 3XL depending on waist size.

Hooded Poncho

Size guide for our Children's Hooded Poncho

Sherpa Hoodie for Kids - Size Guide


Our sarongs are a one size fits most, with a hook and loop fastener that can be adjusted. We recommend the best fit is a womens size 10 to 14, can fit up to size 16 in UK Women's and a 44 inch bust depending on body shape.


Sarong & Turban Set

Hair Turbans

Our Hair Turbans have been designed for adults but customer feedback over the years reveals that they can usually be worn my children who are eight (8) years or older. By twisting the tail tight before securing this helps adjust to different head sizes. 

Hair Turbans

Bathrobes & Dressing Gowns

Bathrobe & Dressing Gown Collection

Children's Robes

Sherpa Robes - Shawl Collar Polyester Dressing Gowns with Sherpa Style Lining

Sherpa Dressing Gown Size Guide

So Soft Robe - 100% Polyester Fleece Bathrobe Dressig Gown

So Soft - Adult Size Guide

So Soft Dressing Gown Size Chart

So Soft - Children's Size Guide

Children's Dressing Gown Size Guide

Waffle Robes - Shawl Collar 200gsm Polycotton Waffle Dressing Gowns

Dressing Gowns in Polycotton Waffle Material Size Guide

Boutique Robes - Shawl Collar 400gsm Terry Cotton Bathrobes

Boutique Bathrobe Size Guide

Egptian Robes - Hooded and Shawl Collar 550gsm Terry Cotton Bathrobes

Egyptian Robe Range Size Chart

Children's Robe - 100% Cotton Terry Towelling Bathrobe with a Hood

Kids Bathrobe Size Guide

Investing in quality items requires a comprehensive understanding of your specific needs. When it comes to choosing products from Aztex, our detailed size guide lets you determine the perfect fit for enhanced comfort and satisfaction. It is our goal to help you make informed decisions to ensure that you receive the best value your money can buy.

The Aztex product size guide is a meticulously designed tool that we've created to aid our customers in making accurate measurements. It details the precise dimensions of our entire product line, thus eliminating the stress and hassle out of your shopping experience. Whether you're buying clothes, home essentials, or sporting goods, the Aztex size guide has got you covered.

It is important to note that correctly using the Aztex product size guide can make a significant difference in your overall experience. A considered choice not only performs better but also lasts longer. Proceed with confidence knowing that every Aztex item you purchase is an exact fit, thanks to our user-friendly product size guide.

To wrap up, we want to assure you that our team is always ready to assist should you need further guidance. We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service as much as we are in providing superior quality products. Get in touch with us today and let the Aztex product size guide facilitate a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.