How To - Choose a Logo Suitable for Embroidery

How to Select the Perfect Logo for Embroidery on Your Merchandise

Embroidery can transform a simple logo into a symbol of quality and professionalism when it comes to branded merchandise. It can also embellish a cherished gift with an extra personal touch. Whether you're starting a new business or refreshing your brand, choosing a logo that's embroidery-friendly is crucial. Here's a comprehensive guide on selecting a logo that will look fantastic when embroidered.

Understand the Embroidery Process

Embroidery involves stitching your design onto fabric using threads. This process adds texture and dimension, making your logo tactile and visually appealing. However, not all logos translate well into embroidery. Complex designs with small details or colour gradients might lose their essence when stitched. Small text is always to be avoided as it will get lost in the fabric when embroidered.

Opt for Simplicity

When it comes to embroidery, less is often more. A simple logo with clear, bold lines translates best. Avoid intricate details or very thin lines, which can become lost or muddled in the embroidery process. Think about iconic brands – their simplicity is key to their effectiveness.

 Pre-digitised embroidery logoDigitised embroidery logo option 1Digitised embroidery logo option 2

  Pre-Digitisation       Digitised Option 1     Digitised Option 2

The design on the left has thin lines and a colour gradient. Neither of these translates well to embroidery. As you can see from the two digitised options, we can create logos that will generate reasonable embroidery, but neither captures the essence of the original image.

 Pre-digitised embroidery logoPost-digitised embroidery logo

          Pre-Digitisation                          Digitised

This design features bold lines, large text, and no colour gradients so translates beautifully for embroidery.

Choose the Right Colours

Embroidery threads come in many colours, but using too many in a small space can make your logo look chaotic. Limit your design to a few colours to maintain clarity and impact. Also, consider the colour contrast between the logo and the fabric to ensure your design stands out. Check out some of our favourite children’s logos.

 Hedgehog embroidery logo           Fox embroidery logo

Size Matters

The size of your logo is crucial in embroidery. Too small, and you lose detail. Too large, and it can become overpowering. A logo that is around 2-4 inches wide is typically ideal for most applications, such as on our robes and towels.


Embroidery adds a touch of elegance and professionalism to your garment. On any of our listings that can be embroidered, simply click ‘Add Personalisation’ and check the ‘Add a Logo?’ box. Here you can upload your design after considering the points made in this blog and leave the rest to us!

How To - Choose a Logo Suitable for Embroidery
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