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Aztex Classic Value Massage Couch Cover

Aztex Classic Value Massage Couch Cover

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Improve your massage therapy sessions with the Aztex Classic Value Massage Couch Cover. Made with a durable blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, these covers provide comfort and protection for your massage bed. They are specially designed for standard massage beds, measuring 55-72cm in width and 170-190cm in length, for a snug and secure fit that extends the lifespan of your bed.

Basic Info

Material: 80% cotton/ 20%polyester couch cover, 180gsm

Size: bed width between 55 and 72cm; height between 170 and 190cm with a box fit of 15cm

Care: Machine wash, standard 40°C cycle

Extra detail

Aztex Classic Value Massage Couch Covers

Our Aztex classic value massage couch covers are an ideal massage couch cover for therapists. Designed for practicality, comfort, and efficiency. Our massage couch covers come in a wide range of colours, with or without a face hole. Therapy beds are an important investment.

Protect Your Investment with Our Covers

Purchase our treatment couch covers to help protect your massage bed from damage. Fitted for convenience. Choose classic colours such as white and black or brighten up your treatment room with brighter colours including turquoise and pink.

Convenient and Adjustable Design

A simple solution to lining a massage couch. Stretchy construction to allow for an adjusted fit onto standard massage beds. This massage couch cover has elasticated corners and sides to allow it to fit over a massage couch. Colour matched ties to hold the couch in position on the therapy bed. Ties positioned to allow for use on beds with adjustable positioning.

Easy Maintenance and High Comfort

These massage couch covers are the perfect massage table cover, light and easy to use whilst providing a touch of luxury and comfort to treatment beds. Our massage couch covers are easily cared for on a standard 40°C machine wash cycle. Designed to be colour fast, but we always recommend washing couch covers before use.

Washing and Cleaning Polycotton Massage Couch Covers

  • Pre-Wash: Always pre-wash your massage couch covers before use. This ensures the removal of any residual dye or manufacturing substances.
  • Machine Washable: Polycotton massage couch covers are typically machine washable. For Aztex classic value massage couch covers, use a standard 40°C machine wash cycle.
  • Detergent: Use a mild detergent to prevent damage to the fabric. Avoid using bleach, as it can weaken the fibres and affect the colour.
  • Drying: It's best to air dry your massage couch covers. If you're using a dryer, opt for a lower heat setting to prevent shrinkage. The Aztex classic value massage couch covers have a quick dry feature for convenience.
  • Ironing: While not always necessary due to the polycotton material, if you choose to iron your covers, use a medium heat setting.
  • Regular Cleaning: Frequent cleaning is essential for maintaining hygiene and the overall lifespan of your covers. Schedule your washes according to the level of use.
  • Stain Removal: If a spill occurs, clean it as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting. You can use a commercial stain remover, but make sure to test it on a small area first.
  • Storage: Store your covers in a cool, dry place. Make sure they are completely dry before storage to prevent mildew.

Remember, always follow the manufacturer's care instructions for the best results.

Durable and Flexible Material

The cotton-heavy polycotton constructive of these massage couch covers ensures comfort, quick dry and enough flexibility to give stretch. The covers with a face hole can be manipulated to sit over a standard face hole on your therapy couch. At 180gsm, the couch cover provides protection whilst being easy to dry and store between use – like a bed sheet.

Long-Standing Quality and Craftsmanship

We have been selling the Aztex classic value massage couch cover for several decades to the therapy and beauty industries. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the right combination of soft and stretch. Designed for standard massage beds, width between 55 and 72cm and length between 170 and 190cm. Box fit is 15cm (box depth of couch base).

Variety of Colours to Suit Your Salon

This massage couch cover is available in classic white, black and navy or a variety of colours to work with your salon design. The colour range is reflected on our product listing for your review.

Wholesale and Trade Accounts

For wholesale massage couch covers, please contact us to set up a trade account. The Aztex massage couch covers are individually barcoded and available in individual or carton quantities. One colour per carton.

Branding Support at Duncan Stewart

At Duncan Stewart, we can support your branding requirements. Our in-house embroidery team can embroider the couch covers with your salon or brand logo. We can provide from factory services for bespoke couch cover colours, sizing, and full branding services (minimums apply on bespoke construction).


Q: Do you have this massage couch cover in orange?

No orange, unfortunately! Colours in this product range include black, white, navy blue, grey, pink, purple, aubergine, mocha, cream, and turquoise. We are able to work with customers to produce bespoke colours for branding and wholesale purposes, minimum unit requirements will apply.

Q: I have a large bed, around 195cm in length. Will this cover fit?

The length is a maximum of 190cm. Our massage couch cover is a standard fit, you will need to source a larger couch cover for a bed that long.

Q: is it stretch towelling, with elastic all around? I don't like ties, they take too much time, please tell me does it have ties?

It is stretch towelling with elastic all around and ties. This means you can tuck the ties away if you prefer and utilise the elastic fit of the couch cover to save time.

Q: Are these massage couch covers UK made?

We work with factories all over the world to produce our products, few factories exist in the UK for textile products. The massage couch covers are made in the far East.

Q: I need a waterproof massage couch cover, is this waterproof?

We offer a PVC massage couch cover that is a waterproof massage couch cover. It is ideal for waxing treatments, scrubs, and other messy product treatments. You can check out our PVC Massage Couch Cover by clicking here.

Q: Can I just buy one cover for the massage bed

Our massage bed covers are available for individual or small quantities via our website. Trade, wholesale, and bulk buying enquiries are encouraged to contact us for more details

Q: Do you provide alternative linens for massage tables?

We also offer bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels and polyester blankets which are suitable for use on massage tables or therapy beds.

Q: Do you sell massage beds?

We do not sell massage beds.

Q: Does the Aztex couch cover have additional cover fittings for therapy couch extensions or accessories?

This couch cover is a simple fitted construction and does not have additional features to fit over the headrest/armrest etc for a non-standard therapy couch.

Q: Should I wash the couch covers before use?

We highly recommend washing all linens, towels etc before use including our massage couch covers.

Q: Will this couch cover fit my portable massage table?

The sizing is for a standard massage table, noted here: Size: bed width between 55 and 72cm; height between 170 and 190cm with a box fit of 15cm

Q: Do you sell these couch covers for massage beds?

Yes these couch covers are for massage beds or therapy beds.

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