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Aztex Luxury Massage Couch Cover

Aztex Luxury Massage Couch Cover

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Elevate your therapy sessions with our luxurious Aztex massage couch covers. Made from a premium 260gsm blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, these covers are crafted to provide exceptional comfort and durability. Designed to fit standard massage beds measuring 55 to 72cm in width and 170 to 190cm in length, these covers ensure a perfect and secure fit.

Note: The white with face hole option is still in the previous style, with no face liner and therefore the price is discounted. We should have stock in the new style with face liner in 2024.


Material: 80% cotton/ 20%polyester couch cover, 260gsm

Size: bed width between 55 and 72cm; height between 170 and 190cm with a box fit of 15cm

The luxury option includes a face hole liner

Care: Machine wash, standard 40°C cycle


A Luxury Therapy Bed Cover Experience

Enhance your therapy sessions with our first-class Aztex luxury massage couch covers. Our specialist blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester creates covers that deliver comfort and significantly extend the lifespan of your massage bed. Crafted with precision for standard massage beds of 55 to 72cm in width and 170 to 190cm in length, our covers guarantee a flawless fit.

Combining Comfort with Functionality

Intentionally crafted for functionality, comfort, and efficiency, our luxury massage couch covers are an absolute choice for therapists. The flexible design accommodates a personalised fit on standard massage beds. The elasticated corners and sides assure a snug fit over your massage couch, while colour-coordinated ties supply an extra layer of stability for continuous use.

Merging Protection with Elegance

Protect your investment and make a style statement with our treatment couch covers. In addition to safeguarding your massage bed, these covers infuse a touch of elegance into your treatment room. Choose from timeless colours like white, black, navy blue, or slate grey that sync with your salon's aesthetics. The covers, with a 260gsm weight, supply superior protection without compromising on their comfort and flexibility.

Effortless Maintenance

Easy upkeep is a promise with our luxury massage couch covers. A simple machine wash on a standard 40°C cycle gets them clean. For first use, we recommend a pre-wash to eliminate any residual dye or manufacturing substances. While air drying is the most suitable choice, a dryer on a lower heat setting also works well to avoid shrinkage. The covers are resistant to colour fade, ensuring enduring elegance.

Guide for Polycotton Massage Couch Cover Care and Cleaning

  • Pre-Wash: A pre-wash before first use helps remove any residual dye or manufacturing substances.
  • Machine Washable: Use a standard 40°C machine wash cycle for impeccable results.
  • Detergent: Opt for a mild detergent to avoid fabric damage. Do avoid bleach as it can deteriorate the fibres and change the colour.
  • Drying: Air-drying is always best. However, if using a dryer, select a lower heat setting to avoid shrinkage. For added convenience, our Aztex classic value massage couch covers have a quick-dry feature.
  • Ironing: If desired, you can iron your covers on a medium heat setting. Thanks to the polycotton material, ironing isn't always necessary.
  • Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning is key to maintaining hygiene and extending the lifespan of your covers. Adjust your washing schedule according to usage frequency.
  • Stain Removal: In case of spills, clean at once to prevent stains from setting. A commercial stain remover can be used but do test it on a small area first to prevent any potential damage.
  • Storage: Keep your covers in a cool, dry place. Make sure they are completely dry before storing to avoid mildew growth.

Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions to get the best results and maintain the quality of your polycotton massage couch covers.

A Quality You Can Trust

With a trusted reputation in the therapy and beauty industries, we've crafted the Aztex Luxury Therapy Bed Cover to provide softness and stretchability. The 80% cotton and 20% polyester composition to ensure durability and flexibility. These covers are designed for standard massage beds, providing a box fit with a depth of 15cm.

Practical and Classic Colour Range

Add a personal touch to your salon with our extensive colour options. Choose from classic white, black, navy blue, or slate grey to harmonise with your salon's design. You can find this range reflected in our product listing, making it easy for you to review and select the perfect match.

Wholesale and Trade Accounts Available

If you're interested in purchasing wholesale massage couch covers, please contact us to establish a trade account. Each of our Aztex luxury massage couch covers come individually barcoded and are available in single or carton quantities, with every carton having covers of a single colour.

Branding Support Provided by Duncan Stewart

Recognising the importance of branding, we at Duncan Stewart provide an in-house embroidery team ready to personalise your couch covers with your salon or brand logo. We also offer factory services for custom couch cover colours, sizing, and comprehensive branding services (minimums apply for bespoke construction). Contact us to discuss your branding requirements.


Q: What are the colour variations for the luxury massage couch cover?

At the moment, our luxury massage couch cover is available in white, black, navy blue, and slate grey. If you require a unique colour, particularly for branding or wholesale purposes, we're open to crafting bespoke covers given a minimum order quantity.

Q: What's the maximum size of a couch that the luxury cover can accommodate?

Our luxury massage couch cover fits a maximum length of 190cm. If your bed measures around 195cm, you'll have to find a larger cover.

Q: Is the luxury couch cover designed with stretch towelling and elastic all over?

Indeed, we've designed the luxury couch cover with stretch towelling and elastic all around to ensure a perfect fit. There are also ties included which you can easily tuck away and solely rely on the elastic for a time-saving fit.

Q: Where are these luxury massage couch covers manufactured?

We collaborate with factories across the globe for manufacturing, due to the scarcity of textile factories in the UK. As a result, our luxury massage couch covers are made in the Far East.

Q: Do you offer a waterproof variant of the massage couch cover?

Yes, we have a dedicated PVC massage couch cover designed to be waterproof. It works flawlessly for waxing and scrubs, protecting your couch during messy treatments. Click here for more about our PVC Massage Couch Cover.

Q: Can I buy a single cover for my massage bed?

Definitely! You have the choice to buy either individual or small quantities of our luxury massage bed covers from our website. If you're interested in trade, wholesale, or bulk purchases, please reach out to us for more information.

Q: Do you supply other linen options for massage tables?

Yes, in addition to our luxury massage couch covers, we supply a wide selection of other linens. These include bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, and polyester blankets, all ideal for massage tables or therapy beds.

Q: Do you retail massage beds?

We don't deal in massage beds. Our primary focus is to offer high-quality massage couch covers and related linens.

Q: Does the luxury Aztex couch cover come with extra fittings for therapy couch extensions or accessories?

The luxury Aztex couch cover features a straightforward fitted design, not accommodating any non-standard therapy couch accessories like headrests or armrests.

Q: Should the luxury couch covers be washed before using?

We highly recommend that you wash all linens, towels, and massage couch covers before their first use, including our luxury couch covers. It helps ensure hygiene and eliminates any manufacturing residues.

Q: Will the Luxury Therapy Bed Cover be a good fit for my portable massage table?

Indeed, the design of the luxury couch cover fits standard massage tables perfectly. It covers a bed width between 55 to 72cm and a height from 170 to 190cm, with a box fit of 15cm.

Q: Are these luxury couch covers purchasable for massage beds?

Certainly! Our luxury couch covers are ideal for both massage and therapy beds, offering comfort, protection, and a stylish look.

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