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Anti-Fungal Rubber Shower Mat

Anti-Fungal Rubber Shower Mat

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Elevate your shower experience with our Anti-fungal Rubber Shower Mat. Measuring 53cm x 53cm, this mat is crafted to fit a wide range of showers, offering a slip-resistant surface for your safety. Its available colour palette includes Off White and Slate, ensuring it subtly enhances your bathroom aesthetics.


Size: 53cm x 53cm

Colour: Off White and Slate

Material: Rubber

Care Instructions: Rinse and hang to dry after use


Relish Safety and Comfort with our Anti-fungal Rubber Shower Mat

Our Anti-fungal Rubber Shower Mat is thoughtfully designed to provide a secure, non-slip surface in your shower stall, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls. The anti-fungal feature ensures a clean, hygienic environment for every use.

Practicality Meets Minimalist Design

Offered in Off White and Slate colour options, our shower mat doesn’t just serve a functional purpose, it also blends effortlessly with various bathroom decors, injecting a dash of sophistication.

Cleaning is a Breeze

Our rubber shower mat is a cinch to clean. Simply rinse it after use and hang to dry. The sturdy material promises enduring use, while the anti-fungal property maintains a sanitary shower space.
Reach out to us today to discuss your requirements and explore the exceptional advantages of our anti-fungal rubber shower mat.


Q: Are there different colour options available for the Anti-fungal Rubber Shower Mat?

Yes! We currently offer the shower mat in Off White and Slate. These neutral shades are curated to blend seamlessly with a variety of bathroom decors.

Q: What is the ideal way to clean and maintain the shower mat?

To extend the lifespan of your shower mat, follow these simple care instructions:

  1. Rinse off the suds from your mat.
  2. Give the mat a brief dry.
  3. Hang to let dry completely.
  4. Doing so regularly prevents mould and grime from accumulating under the mat.

Q: Is the rubber shower mat safe for all users?

Yes, our shower mat is designed to provide a non-slip surface in the shower stall, ensuring safety for users of all ages. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend adult supervision for children during shower time.

Q: Does the shower mat fit all shower sizes?

The shower mat measures 53cm x 53cm, making it a good fit for a majority of standard shower stalls. We suggest measuring your shower space before purchase to guarantee the right fit.

Q: Can the shower mat be used on textured shower surfaces?

Our shower mat performs best on smooth surfaces. Textured or tiled surfaces may affect the mat's grip. We advise you to test the mat on your specific shower surface to confirm safety.

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