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Vintage Style NU Washbag

Vintage Style NU Washbag

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Introducing our Vintage Style NU Washbag, an ideal companion to our Vintage Holdall. This wash bag is not only practical and compact, but it also embodies the same elegant style as its larger counterpart. Its dimensions make it the perfect fit within the holdall, while still providing ample space for your grooming essentials. Moreover, it is available in classic black or rich brown, matching the holdall's colour options.


Size: 26cm x 13cm x 11cm, 30l

Colour: Available in Black or Brown

Material: PU leather Nu-Hide

Carrying Options: Carry Handle


The Perfect Companion to Your Vintage Holdall

If you have our Nu-Hide Leather Look Holdall, this Vintage Style NU Washbag is the perfect accessory to accompany it. With its compact size and stylish design, it fits perfectly within the holdall and can securely carry all your toiletries.

Added Sophistication to Your Travels

Just like the holdall, the toiletry bag offers an aesthetic appeal with its PU material giving it a luxurious leather look. Choose from either classic black or rich brown to suit your style.

A Surprise Just for You

Inside the Vintage Style NU Washbag, you'll find a complementary face cloth and shower gel set to complete your travel necessities. Don't hesitate to contact us today to learn more about the Nu-Hide Leather Look Wash Bag.


Q: In which colours is the faux leather wash bag available?

The wash bag is currently available in classic black and rich brown. Like the holdall, the colour availability may vary based on stock. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date information.

Q: How durable is the wash bag?

The wash bag, like the holdall, is made from durable PU material that is designed to mimic the look and feel of leather, promising durability and style.

Q: Can I wash or clean the Vintage Style NU Washbag?

We advise against machine washing this bag, just like its counterpart. For best results, spot clean with a mild soap and a damp cloth to maintain its appearance and integrity.

Q: What are the dimensions of the wash bag?

The wash bag measures 26cm x 13cm x 11cm, providing ample space for your toiletries while being compact enough to fit comfortably within the holdall.

Q: What comes with the wash bag?

Each wash bag comes with a complementary face cloth and shower gel set, adding to your convenience and enriching your travel experience.

Q: Could you provide more details about the bag's main features?

Of course! The Vintage Style NU Washbag offers the following features:

  1. Internal pockets for easily organising your toiletries.
  2. Durable and reliable zipper for easy access.
  3. Weighing in at approximately 200g, it's fairly lightweight.
  4. Carry handle for easy carrying on the move.
  5. Purchase the matching holdall on our website.
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