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Rubber Bubble Bath Mat

Rubber Bubble Bath Mat

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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your bathing routine with our Raised Bubble Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat. With dimensions of 34cm x 74cm, it is thoughtfully engineered to fit the majority of bathtubs, providing a dependable non-slip surface. The mat is available in the refined hues of Off White and Slate, adding a tasteful touch to your bath decor.

Basic Info

Size: 34cm x 74cm

Colour Options: Off White, Slate

Material: Anti-fungal Rubber with Raised Bubble Effect

Care Instructions: Rinse and air dry after use

Extra detail

Experience Enhanced Comfort with the Raised Bubble Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat

Our Raised Bubble Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat, designed to enhance the bathing experience, delivers a sturdy and non-slip surface, significantly reducing the likelihood of bath time accidents. The anti-fungal characteristic ensures a clean and hygienic surface for every use.

Elegant Design Balanced with Functionality

Available in the elegant hues of Off White and Slate, our bath mat effortlessly combines practicality with an understated aesthetic appeal. It adds not only a layer of safety but also an element of design to your bathing area.

Straightforward Cleaning and Maintenance

Caring for our rubber bath mat is a breeze. Simply rinse it after use and let it air dry. The sturdy rubber material guarantees enduring use while its anti-fungal feature helps maintain a sanitary bathing area.
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Q: Does the Raised Bubble Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat come in different colours?

Absolutely! We offer the bath mat in both Off White and Slate to seamlessly integrate with a range of bathroom interiors.

Q: What's the best way to care for and maintain the mat?

Follow these simple steps to ensure the longevity of your bath mat:

  1. Rinse off the mat to remove soap and residue.
  2. Allow the mat to dry for a few moments.
  3. Hang it to let it dry fully.
  4. Regular cleaning will help prevent mould and grime build-up beneath the mat.

Q: Is the raised bubble bath mat safe for all age groups?

Indeed, our bath mat with its raised bubble surface ensures added grip, making it safe for bathers of all ages. Nonetheless, adult supervision for children during bath time is always recommended.

Q: Will the bath mat fit all tub sizes?

The dimensions of the bath mat are 34cm x 74cm, making it a suitable fit for most standard bathtubs. We advise measuring your bathtub before purchase for an optimal fit.

Q: Can the bath mat be used on textured tub surfaces?

Our bath mat is designed to provide maximum grip on smooth surfaces. The effectiveness on textured or tiled surfaces may be slightly reduced. We suggest testing the mat on your specific bathtub surface to confirm safety.

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