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PVC Couch Cover with Tie Tapes

PVC Couch Cover with Tie Tapes

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This PVC couch cover with tie tapes is perfect for protecting your therapy bed while also providing a comfortable and easy-to-clean surface. The massage couch cover is designed to fit standard therapy beds, making it a convenient and practical choice for any massage therapist. Keep your bed in pristine condition with this durable cover.

Basic Info

  • 100% PVC
  • Designed for standard size massage or therapy beds about 70 to 72cm wide and 182cm in length
  • Easy to wipe down between treatments

Extra detail

Save Time and Resources with Our PVC Couch Cover

Our PVC Couch Cover not only saves you cleaning time but also helps reduce the use of disposable products. It's an easy-to-clean, reusable option that many of our clients prefer over disposable bed sheet covers.

Enjoy Extra Protection and Client Comfort

Add this cover directly to your bed before applying additional covers, towels, and blankets for your client's comfort. This PVC Couch Cover is a cost-effective way to provide a protective layer to your therapy bed, ensuring it lasts for years!

PVC couch cover

Fit for Various Professions: This product is popular with physiotherapists, chiropractors, and beauty therapists for protecting their treatment beds from wear and tear.

Our Team's Favorite Features

We appreciate that many of our customers prefer this product over disposable covers, helping them make more sustainable choices. While achieving 100% sustainability is challenging, this product offers an easy solution.


Q: Is this a plastic beauty bed cover?

A: Yes, our PVC Couch Cover can be used as a plastic cover for beauty beds, massage couches, or therapy beds.

Q: Can this PVC Couch Cover with Tie Tapes be used with an electric blanket?

A: While we do not recommend direct contact between the cover and the electric blanket, a thin layer between them with the electric blanket at low temperatures should be safe.

Q: Can I use this cover on an extra wide couch?

A: This cover is designed to fit couches 70 to 72cm wide. Please check your couch's dimensions before purchase.

Q: Does this cover have a face hole?

A: Our PVC massage couch cover does not have a face hole.

Q: I’d like to buy 10 of these, can I get a discount?

A: Please contact us for discount codes or for trade/wholesale purchasing options.

Q: Will clients slip on this cover?

A: This cover may be slightly slippery. We recommend using a towel to help clients, especially those who are elderly, disabled, or short, get on and off the bed more easily.

Q: Do I need to use an additional cover with the PVC Couch Cover?

A: Depending on the treatment, for waxing or short treatments, the PVC couch cover should be sufficient. For longer treatments or massages, clients may prefer an extra cover on top.

Q: How do I assemble the PVC couch cover?

  1. It will come sealed in a plastic bag that you can easily take off.
  2. Lay it over your massage table, covering the length of the surface.
  3. Use the ties to secure it in place under your table.
  4. Wipe clean using any form of wetted wipe.
  5. Allow the PVC couch cover to fully dry before folding, otherwise, it can encourage mould growth.

Q: Is this product disposable?

A: Our PVC couch cover is reusable, making it a more sustainable option than disposable massage table covers.

Q: What cleaning products can I use on this product?

A: An antibacterial spray is ideal for use between clients. Diluted cleaning products are also fine for daily use. Regular salon cleaning products for surfaces are safe for use on this product.

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