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Duncan Stewart 1978

Personalised Wooden Dog Treat Box

Personalised Wooden Dog Treat Box

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Custom wooden box for pet food and treats. A unique gift for dog-lovers. Practical and decorative.

A personalised wooden box with a lid and a plastic lining is a stylish way to store your pet€™s food and treats. The box is made of quality wood and has a cute paw cutout on the front. You can make it unique by adding your pet€™s name or a message. This will show how much you care for your pet.


Material: Wooden

Size:(L)22.5cm x (W)14cm x (H)13 cm


  • Durable wooden dog treat box with a secure lid to maintain freshness
  • Conveniently sized for easy storage and retrieval
  • Features a plastic lining to ensure treats stay dry and protected
  • Crafted from quality wood with a smooth finish for a classic look
  • Pet-safe materials
  • Eco-conscious choice for pet owners
  • Simple design for ease of use
  • Enhance your pet care routine with our Wooden Dog Treat Box, a practical and stylish storage solution. Perfectly crafted to blend with your home decor, this box is not just a storage item but an accessory for your pet-friendly home. The plastic lining within safeguards the treats from moisture, ensuring they stay dry and fresh for longer. With its classic wooden design, this treat box is a seamless addition to any home. Each box is constructed with care, offering a quality, mid-range product that is both pet-safe and environmentally conscious. Add a touch of simplicity and functionality to your pet care essentials with our Wooden Dog Treat Box.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this dog treat box suitable for all dog treat types?

A: Yes, the wooden treat box with plastic lining is designed to keep various dog treat types fresh and dry.

Q: How does the plastic lining benefit the storage of dog treats?

A: The plastic lining within the box acts as a barrier against moisture, ensuring treats remain dry and maintaining their quality.

Q: Is the lid of the treat box secure enough to prevent pets from opening it?

A: Indeed, the lid fits snugly to ensure that it is not easily opened by pets, safeguarding the contents.

Q: Are the materials used in the treat box safe for pets?

A: Absolutely! The materials selected for the wooden dog treat box are pet-safe, ensuring no harm to your pet.

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