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Personalised Littlest Camper Enamel Camping Mug - Tent Logo

Personalised Littlest Camper Enamel Camping Mug - Tent Logo

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Our enamel mugs featuring a charming tent design are the ultimate camping accessory for kids, parents, or anyone! They are sturdy, shatterproof, and heat-resistant, making them an essential addition to your camping gear. Personalise them with a name of your choice to create a truly unique and ideal birthday gift. You can even add your family name or order individual mugs for everyone in the clan! These mugs come with a generous 360ml capacity, ensuring you have enough to quench your thirst while camping. And the best part is, they are dishwasher friendly, making cleanup a breeze after your exciting outdoor adventures!


Material: Enamelled Steel

Size: Generous 360ml capacity | Dimensions 80(H) x 92(Ø)mm x 114(W)mm

Care: Dishwasher-safe, Oven-proof up to 270°C



Make camping even more fun for the little ones with our charming 'LITTLEST CAMPER' design on our enamel mugs! Ideal for kids, parents, or the entire clan. Personalize them with a name of your choice, turning them into a delightful birthday gift. For an extra special touch, consider adding your family name or ordering individual mugs for each member of the family!

Adorable 'LITTLEST CAMPER' Design

This shatterproof mug features an adorable 'LITTLEST CAMPER' message below the tent design, along with the option to add a name of your choice. Take it a step further and include your own 'Text Line 2', replacing 'LITTLEST CAMPER' with your unique message.

Reliable Enamelled Steel Mug

Our classic enamel mugs exude a nostalgic vibe and are crafted with sturdy steel, ensuring their resilience for camping, home, or farm use.

Personalised Gift Made to Order

We take pride in crafting each mug to order, making every 'LITTLEST CAMPER' mug truly unique!

Durable and Reliable

Our enamel mugs are meticulously crafted with top-quality materials, guaranteeing both shatterproof and durable characteristics. Enamel may chip over time, adding to its charm. Please take care to avoid leaving the mug wet after chipping to prevent rust.


Q: Can this enamel mug be used for hot and cold drinks?

Absolutely! It can withstand temperatures up to 270°C, making it suitable for oven use to melt marshmallows or create mini desserts. However, please avoid microwaving enamel mugs, as they are made of steel dipped in enamel.

Q: Are these mugs dishwasher safe?

Yes, they are dishwasher-safe. However, after the enamel chips, ensure that the mugs are not left damp or wet to prevent rusting.

Q: Will the personalisation fade over time?

No, the engraving is a permanent application. However, note that extreme use, such as dropping or chipping, may cause the enamel to wear away.

Q: Can I have a logo or bespoke design on this product?

We currently offer text personalisation on our own designs. For bespoke requests, please email us at

Q: Are these mugs durable?

Yes, the enamel used is of high quality and shatterproof, ensuring the mugs' longevity and enjoyment for the littlest campers!

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