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Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl

Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl

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Our quirky enamel popcorn bowl is perfect for any little one's cozy movie nights. It's also great for taking to the cinema to prevent them from making too much noise! Made with sturdy enamel, these bowls are easy to clean and unbreakable, making them the perfect choice. A fantastic gift for kids and young teens, these snack bowls are perfect for popcorn, candy, and all kinds of treats. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, or just a special surprise, this personalized bowl with a name and custom text is the ultimate unique gift. Our in-house team in Sussex will engrave (not print) the personalization to ensure it lasts a lifetime without fading.

Basic Info

  • 19cm Diameter
  • Care instructions: Clean with warm water, dishwasher safe.

Extra detail

Stylish Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl

Enhance your kids' movie nights with our Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl. These popcorn bowls are designed specifically for little hands, making popcorn munching mess-free. With a personal touch, your children will love their exclusive snack containers at movie nights.

Crafted from durable materials, these popcorn bowls will stand up to the rigours of constant use by excited little movie buffs. It comes personalised with your child's name, making snack time more exciting. Its bright and colourful design will undoubtedly catch your children's attention, making them feel like a big part of the family movie night.

The popcorn bowl is dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze after a long, enjoyable movie night. Moreover, it’s a wonderful keepsake item that can be handed down. That’s the beauty of our Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl – not only are they practical, but they also carry sentimental value.

So, why wait? Start a new family tradition and make movie nights at home more fun for your kids. Grab our Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl now and create lasting memories with your family. Remember, the measure of a great family movie night isn’t the movie you’re watching – it’s the warmth of the moments shared with our loved ones. Our popcorn bowl can help enhance these moments! Order today.


Is the popcorn bowl designed specifically for children?
Yes, our popcorn bowl is designed with children in mind, featuring a size and shape that is perfect for little hands.

Can I personalise the popcorn bowl with my child's name?
Absolutely! Each popcorn bowl comes personalised with your child's name, adding a special touch to snack time.

Is the popcorn bowl durable?
Yes, the popcorn bowl is crafted from durable materials to withstand frequent use by excited little movie buffs.

Is the design of the popcorn bowl bright and colourful?
Yes, the popcorn bowl features a bright and colourful design that is sure to catch your children's attention and make snack time more exciting.

Is the popcorn bowl dishwasher safe?
Yes, the popcorn bowl is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after a fun-filled movie night.

Can the popcorn bowl be handed down as a keepsake item?
Absolutely! Our personalised popcorn bowl is not only practical but also carries sentimental value, making it a wonderful keepsake item to pass down through the family.

How can the popcorn bowl enhance family movie nights?
By adding a personal touch and making snack time more exciting, our popcorn bowl can help create lasting memories during family movie nights at home.

Can I order multiple popcorn bowls with different personalisations?
Yes, you can order multiple popcorn bowls with different personalisations to cater to each of your children's preferences.

What makes our popcorn bowl stand out for family movie nights?
Our popcorn bowl is not just a practical snack container; it's a way to enhance the warmth and enjoyment of family movie nights by creating a fun and personalised experience for your children.

How can I order the Stylish Personalised Children's Popcorn Bowl?
You can order our personalised popcorn bowl directly from our website. Simply choose your personalisation options and proceed to checkout to start creating lasting memories with your family.

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