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Men's Brown Wash Bag And Towel Set

Men's Brown Wash Bag And Towel Set

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Presenting our Men's Brown Wash Bag and Towel Set - a sleek, compact, and practical accessory that seamlessly fuses style with utility. Fashioned from a brown faux leather, this wash bag set complements any travel style while providing a dedicated space for grooming essentials. With its dimensions of 24cm x 15cm x 13cm, it is the ideal accessory for hassle free travel.


Size: 24cm x 15cm x 13cm

Colour: Classic Brown

Material: Faux Leather

Additional Features: Carry strap and complementary face cloth and shower gel set


Convenience and Style in a Single Package

Our Men's Brown Wash Bag and Towel Set provides you with a stylish and efficient way to carry your toiletries. With its faux leather design, it adds a touch of sophistication to your travel gear.

Functionality Meets Elegance

This wash bag set not only offers ample space for your toiletries but also comes with a handy towel set. The rich brown faux leather exterior presents a timeless aesthetic appeal.

Customer Support

Should you require any additional information about the Men's Brown Wash Bag and Towel Set, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: What color is the wash bag?

The Men's Wash Bag and Towel Set is available in a classic brown hue, lending it a refined, sophisticated appeal.

Q: How durable is this wash bag?

Created from high-quality brown faux leather, this wash bag is designed for lasting durability and resilience.

Q: How can I clean the wash bag?

We advise not to machine wash this bag. Instead, it is recommended to spot clean with a soft, damp cloth for optimal upkeep.

Q: What are the dimensions of the wash bag?

The wash bag measures 24cm x 15cm x 13cm, providing sufficient room for your grooming essentials while being compact enough for hassle-free travel.

Q: What items are included in the set?

The set includes a Men's Brown Wash Bag along with a handy towel set, enhancing your convenience and enriching your travel experience.

Q: Could you elaborate on the bag's key features?

Sure! The Men's Brown Wash Bag and Towel Set offers these distinctive features:

  1. It includes internal compartments to easily organise your toiletries.
  2. It features a sturdy zipper for easy access.
  3. Despite its solid construction, it remains lightweight.
  4. It includes a carry strap attached to the double zipper for effortless portability.
  5. The set comes with a towel and shampoo set, providing you with a complete travel-ready solution.
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