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Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Manicure Guest Towels

Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Manicure Guest Towels

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Elevate your at-home spa day or professional beauty services with our plush Aztex 100% terry cotton manicure towel. This luxurious towel, boasting a dense 550gsm, takes your pampering session to the next level. Its usage contributes to the overall experience for the individual receiving the manicure, thereby turning a routine nail grooming session into an extraordinary event.

Basic Info

Aztex 100% Cotton Manicure Towel

Material: 100% terry cotton towel, 550gsm
Size: 30cm x 50cm
Care: Machine wash, standard 40°C cycle

Extra detail

Enrich Your Manicure Stations with Our Superior Guest Towels

Perfectly suited to maintaining manicure stations in top condition, our 100% terry cotton towels strike an excellent balance between absorbency and softness. In addition, they are certain to enhance your clients' pampering experience during manicure treatments. To blend with your salon's aesthetics, a wide range of colours is available to select from.

Experience Uncomplicated Maintenance with our Manicure Hand Towels

These premium towels capture the essence of luxury and comfort. Washing is a breeze with a standard 40°C machine wash cycle, promising to maintain their plush texture and vibrant colour. A wash is advised before their first use.

Guest Towels

A Blend of High-Quality Terry Cotton Fabric

Our towels boast a density of 550gsm from top-tier terry cotton. This fabric ensures a perfectly absorbent yet soft touch, striking a harmonious balance between practicality and luxury. Further to this, it makes them an exemplary choice for manicure treatments.

Enduring Quality and Craftsmanship

For several decades, we've been supplying the beauty industry with our Aztex premium terry cotton towels. Our towels are consistently celebrated for their durability, softness, and quality.

Manicure Towel Colours

The towels come in a range of colours. Simply pick a colour from our product listing that suits your salon's design.

Branded Product Support at Your Disposal with Duncan Stewart

We stand ready to assist with your branding needs by embroidering your salon or brand logo onto the manicure towels.

Wholesale and Trade Accounts

Tailored to Your Needs

For wholesale enquiries, we encourage you to reach out and set up a trade account.


Q: Are various colours of these towels available for purchase? 

Absolutely! Our Aztex premium terry cotton towels come in a range of colours to seamlessly blend with your salon's style. For available colours, we invite you to peruse our product listings.

Q: Are these towels machine-washable?

Commencing with Pre-Wash: Indeed, you can. We recommend not using fabric conditioner because over time it remains in the terry towelling loops. As a result, the overall softness can decrease.

Transitioning to Machine Washing: For optimal results, you can place the towel in your standard washing machine and run a 40°C cycle.

Choosing the Correct Detergent: Use a mild detergent to protect your towel’s fibres. It's important to avoid bleach, as it can deteriorate the fibres and modify the towel's colour.

Executing Effective Drying Methods: For maximum softness, we recommend using a dryer at a lower heat setting because high heat settings can cause shrinkage.

Considering Ironing: Ironing should not be necessary. Use a medium heat setting if you do decide to iron your towels.

Undertaking Regular Cleaning: Upholding a regular cleaning schedule is crucial to maintaining hygiene and extending the lifespan of your towels. We advise adjusting your washing schedule according to usage frequency.

Tackling Stain Removal: Should a spill occur, prompt cleaning is necessary to avert permanent staining. Test stain removers on a smaller area to prevent potential damage.

Adhering to Storage Guidelines: To preserve your towels, store them in a cool, dry area. Storing damp towels can result in mildew growth. For the preservation of the superior quality and optimal results from your manicure towels, we encourage you to follow the manufacturer's care instructions meticulously.

Q: Is it possible to have my salon logo embroidered on these towels? 

We are well-prepared to meet your branding requirements by embroidering your salon or brand logo onto the towels. For more insights on this bespoke service, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Q: Do you facilitate the bulk purchase of these towels? 

We cater to both individual and bulk purchasing options because we do not want to exclude any customers! The website is set up for general end-user pricing, therefore for wholesale enquiries, please get in touch with us so we can assist in establishing a trade account.

Q: Are these towels manufactured in the UK? 

Since the UK does not manufacture many textile goods, our product sourcing involves trusted factories located globally. Cotton and towelling products are generally sourced from Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Polyester products are typically sourced from China.

Q: Do you supply other salon essentials in your product portfolio?

Our product catalogue includes a vast array of salon essentials, including items such as massage couch covers, bath towels, and blankets. This is because we want to be able to cater for all salon needs.

Q: Can these towels also be used as gym towels? 

They could be. The size of these towels makes them ideal for gyms and fitness classes. For a personal touch, you could consider adding embroidery related to your favourite activity! We also have specifically designed gym towels available from our aztex range. Explore them right here.

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