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Do it for The Gram Zipped Gym Towel

Do it for The Gram Zipped Gym Towel

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Elevate your insta game with our fun gym towel. Made from absorbent cotton and featuring a zipped compartment, it's perfect for your next workout. 9 colors available!

    Basic Info

    • Made from 100% Cotton, metal zip
    • Easy to clean on a standard wash cycle
    • Available in one size (30cm x 90cm)

    Extra detail

    Elevate Your Selfie Game with Our Insta Gym Towel

    Ready to level up your selfie game? Our Insta Gym Towel is here to provide the extra motivation you need to look and feel great for that all-important 'insta' selfie. Made from durable and absorbent 100% cotton, this gym towel is not only practical but also stylish. With dimensions of 30cm x 90cm, it offers ample coverage, while its zipped compartment keeps your belongings secure and easily accessible. Available in a choice of 9 vibrant colours, this gym towel adds a fun and motivational touch to your workout routine, ensuring you're ready to shine during your next Insta session. So go ahead, do it for the Gram, and let our Insta Gym Towel be your ultimate workout companion.


    Q: What materials is the Insta Gym Towel made from?
    A: Our Insta Gym Towel is crafted from durable and absorbent 100% cotton, ensuring both functionality and comfort during your workouts.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the gym towel?
    A: The Insta Gym Towel measures 30cm x 90cm, providing ample coverage for all your gym needs.

    Q: Does the gym towel come with a zipped compartment?
    A: Yes, our gym towel features a convenient zipped compartment, allowing you to keep your belongings safe and secure while you exercise.

    Q: How many colour options are available for the Insta Gym Towel?
    A: We offer a choice of 9 vibrant colours, ensuring you can find the perfect towel to match your style and personality.

    Q: Is the gym towel suitable for both men and women?
    A: Absolutely! Our Insta Gym Towel is designed for anyone looking to add some fun and motivation to their workout routine, regardless of gender.

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