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Disposable Slippers With Rubber Sole - Open Toe

Disposable Slippers With Rubber Sole - Open Toe

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Our Disposable Slippers With Rubber Sole are the perfect addition to the luxury and comfort of hotels, spas, and salons. These slippers feature a comfortable, easy-to-wear open-toe design. They are made to fit a range of sizes from UK 5-9 and come in a crisp white color for a clean, hygienic appearance.


Size: One size fits UK 5-9. 29cm heel to toe

Colour: White

Material: Towelling and Rubber Sole

Care Instructions: Disposable after use


Experience Ultimate Comfort with Our Disposable Slippers

Our Disposable Slippers With Rubber Sole are designed to provide exceptional comfort. The rubber sole ensures safe and comfortable indoor movement, perfect for hotels, spas, and salons.

Effortless Maintenance

These slippers are disposable, although we encourage the customer to take them away for future use!

Enjoy the Convenience of our Disposable Slippers

Designed for easy slip-on and removal, these slippers offer the convenience your guests deserve. Available in white for a universal and clean appearance. Contact us today for further information or to discuss your requirements.


Q: Are these Disposable Slippers suitable for all guests?

Yes, our slippers are designed to comfortably fit most foot sizes ranging from UK 5-9.

Q: Can these Disposable Slippers With Rubber Sole be reused?

While the slippers are made from durable materials, for the best hygiene standards, we recommend giving them to your customer afterwards, particularly in commercial settings like hotels, spas, and salons.

Q: How do these slippers enhance the guest experience?

Providing your guests with clean, comfortable footwear adds an extra touch of luxury and thoughtfulness to their experience, making their stay even more enjoyable and memorable.

Q: What's the best setting to use the Disposable Slippers

Here are some classic examples:

  1. If you're a hotel or BnB owner wanting the set yourselves apart, why not have these waiting for your guest on their bed.
  2. In a spa setting, have your guests walking around in your branded slippers. Once they take them home, there will be a constant reminder of the luxury of your brand.
  3. In a salon or massage parlour for your guests to keep comfy before or after their pedicure or foot massage.
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