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Duncan Stewart 1978

Engraved Couples Wine Keepsake Box

Engraved Couples Wine Keepsake Box

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Celebrate special moments with our Oak-Effect Wine Box €“ an ideal personalized gift for wine-loving couples to cherish shared occasions.

Made with care and personalized, it's the perfect present for couples who love wine, whether marking milestones, anniversaries, or intimate moments.

Generously sized at 35 x 11 x 10.5 cm, made from wood and features metal hinges and a clasp this exquisite box ensures that a cherished bottle of wine becomes a lasting memory, beautifully presented and ready to be enjoyed.


Material: Wooden

Size:L35 x W11 x H10.5 cm


  • Robust wooden wine keepsake box, crafted for strength and lasting use
  • Dimensions: 35cm x 11cm x 10.5cm, perfectly proportioned for a standard bottle of wine
  • Designed without lining to cradle the bottle securely
  • Constructed from premium wood with a sleek finish for a refined look
  • Ideal for gifting or preserving memorable bottles of wine
  • Environmentally conscious choice for wine connoisseurs
  • Elegant, straightforward design for showcasing and storing wine
  • Enhance your wine gifting experience with our Wooden Wine Keepsake Box. Measuring 35cm in length, 11cm in width, and 10.5cm in height, it's the ideal size for a cherished bottle of wine. The box is made from high-quality wood with a fine finish, providing a luxurious enclosure for your wine. Perfect for special occasions, this box serves as a thoughtful gift or a keepsake collector's item. Each box is made with attention to detail, offering a sophisticated, mid-range choice for those looking to present wine in style. Introduce our Wooden Wine Keepsake Box into your collection for a distinguished touch to wine gifting and storage.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the dimensions of this wooden wine keepsake box?

A: The wine keepsake box measures 35cm in length, 11cm in width, and 10.5cm in height, perfectly sized for a standard wine bottle.

Q: Does the wine box include any lining?

A: No, to maintain the integrity of the bottle and its label, there is no lining inside, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Q: Is this keepsake box suitable for long-term storage?

A: Yes, the wooden wine keepsake box is designed for long-term storage and will protect your wine bottle from light and disturbance.

Q: Has the wood been treated for durability?

A: The wood is treated with non-toxic materials to ensure durability while keeping the box safe for storing wine bottles.

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