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Dog Towel Bag With Adjustable Hook and Loop Neck

Dog Towel Bag With Adjustable Hook and Loop Neck

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High Quality Dog Towel Bag With Adjustable Hook and Loop Neck

Our 100% Mayer Cotton Dog Towel Bag, exclusively designed for your furry friend, offers excellent absorbency and convenience for everyday use. This ultimate choice for bathing, beach days, or simply to dry off your pup after a walk comes in three sizes, suitable for all dog breeds. Available in a variety of colours, you can select one that best suits your pet's personality.

Basic Info

Sizes: Available in 3 sizes

Colour: Multiple options

Material: 100% Mayer Cotton

Care Instructions: Machine washable

Extra detail

Experience Ultimate Convenience with Our 100% Mayer Cotton Dog Towel Bag

Our dog towel bag, crafted from 100% Mayer Cotton, is designed to provide superior absorbency and comfort for your pet. Its various sizes and practical design make it perfect for numerous activities like bathing, beach trips, or just daily walks.

Effortless Maintenance

This dog towel bag is machine washable, ensuring easy care and long-lasting use!

Enjoy the Variety of our 100% Mayer Cotton Dog Towel Bag

Available in a range of colors, it brings style and convenience to your pet care routine. Contact us today for further information or to discuss your requirements.


Q: I am not sure what size to select in this dog towel bag.

Please refer to our size guide, which gives reference to measurements and decide which size works for you. Size guides are shown in images for easy reference.

Q: I own a Dalmatian, will he fit in the dog towel bag?

The average Dalmatian will be too big for our dog towel bag and given their energetic temperament would be difficult for a larger dog to zip into the dog towel bag.

Q: Can my dog wear this dog towel bag whilst we are driving.

As long as your dog is still in a harness, buckled in safely. We would advise whilst driving to half-zip the bag up to allow your dog movement whilst keeping his wet and muddy paws contained.

Q: Can my dog walk in this dog drying coat?

A dog drying coat is a different type of product, with the same drying function but a coat is designed to be a coat and our product is a dog towelling bag. A coat will enable your dog to walk but not keep muddy/wet legs wrapped up. Our dog towelling bag is designed to keep most of your dog wrapped up.

Q: How do I get my dog into the dog bag?

We advise unzipping the bag in full, laying it out flat and encouraging your dog to sit on the bag. Lift up the sides to tuck them in and ensure their tail is wrapped around their body before pulling the zip up. Adjust the hook & loop feature around the neck to ensure the bag fits right.

Q: How do I care for my dog towel bag?

To ensure the best care for your dog towel bag, follow these main care instructions:

  1. Wash your towel bag separately before initial use.
  2. Opt for a washing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  3. Avoid using fabric softeners as they can reduce the absorbency of the towel. Instead, add one cup of white vinegar every six weeks or so to your wash cycle. This helps strip detergents from your towel bag.
  4. For optimal results, incorporate half a cup of baking soda with your regular detergent to help cleanse your towel bag of chemicals or grime. It also assists in eliminating odours.
  5. Refrain from overloading your washer with too many items at once. This ensures proper cleaning and maintains the quality of the towel bag.
  6. Try to avoid using a tumble dryer, particularly at higher temperatures. While it may increase fluffiness, excessive heat from the dryer can damage the integrity of the cotton fibres.

By following these care instructions, you can extend the lifespan of your towel bag and enjoy its comfort and functionality for extended periods.

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