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Born To Fight Gym Towel

Born To Fight Gym Towel

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Elevate your workout routine with our striking "Born to Fight" Aztex 100% terry cotton gym towel. This high-end towel, featuring a dense 500gsm thread count, takes your gym experience to new heights. Adorned with the empowering "Born to Fight" design, this fitness towel breathes new life into your workout sessions. Choose from a variety of colours, kindly note that personalisation is not included with this product.


Material: 100% terry cotton towel, 500gsm

Size: 30cm x 90cm

Care: Machine wash, standard 40°C cycle


Aztex "Born to Fight" Gym Towel: Your Ultimate Workout Companion

The Aztex "Born to Fight" terry cotton gym towel is a powerful blend of style and performance, engineered to enhance your gym experience. Available in an array of colours, these towels are a workout necessity for any fitness enthusiast.

Stand Out with Our Superior Quality Sports Towel

Designed for maintaining gym equipment hygiene, our 100% terry cotton towels achieve the perfect balance between absorbency and softness. Effortlessly wipe away sweat to enhance your gym experience. A variety of colours is available to match your gym attire.

Experience Easy Care with the Aztex "Born to Fight" Gym Towel

These deluxe gym towels embody luxury and comfort. Their maintenance is effortless with a standard 40°C machine wash cycle, ensuring they retain their plush texture and vibrant colour. We recommend avoiding fabric conditioner with towelling materials to maintain long-term softness.

Superior Terry Cotton Fabric for Enhanced Performance

Our gym towels feature a dense 500gsm of superior terry cotton. This fabric ensures the ideal balance of absorbency and softness, striking the perfect equilibrium between functionality and comfort, making them an excellent choice for all sporting activities.

Durability and Superior Quality: Our Trademark

Over the decades, our Aztex "Born to Fight" gym towels have gained renown in the fitness industry for their durability, softness, and excellent quality.

Variety of Vibrant Towel Colours

Our superior gym towels are available in a variety of colours. Please select a colour from our product listing that best suits your gym attire.

Branding Support at Your Disposal with Duncan Stewart

Please note, due to the specific "Born to Fight" design, these towels cannot be personalised with additional embroidery. However, if you have other branding requirements or if you're interested in our other towels, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Wholesale and Trade Accounts: Customised to Your Requirements

For wholesale enquiries, we encourage you to get in touch with us to set up a trade account. Our website only displays the price for end users, and we are more than happy to discuss bulk order pricing with you.


Q: Are various colours of these towels available for purchase?

Indeed! Our Aztex "Born to Fight" gym towels come in a wide variety of colours to suit your style preferences. You can view our product listings for the available colour options.

Q: Are these towels machine-washable?

Yes, they are. To maintain the quality and durability of your gym towels, we suggest a standard 40°C washing machine cycle. Please avoid using fabric conditioner as it may reduce the softness over time. Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions for best results.

Q: Can I have my gym logo embroidered on these towels?

Due to the specific "Born to Fight" design on these towels, we do not offer additional embroidery services for this product. If you have other branding needs or are interested in our other towel options, please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you offer a bulk purchase option for these towels?

Yes, we cater to both individual and bulk purchasing options. Our website displays general end-user pricing, so for wholesale enquiries, please get in touch with us for tailored pricing details and to set up a trade account.

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