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Baby Blanket with Bunny Toy

Baby Blanket with Bunny Toy

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Wrap your bundle of joy in this adorable personalised baby blanket that comes with a cute bunny toy. Perfect for newborns, this gift is sure to bring smiles and snuggles. Make it truly special with a name or initials embroidered on the blanket. A unique and cherished keepsake!

    Basic Info

    • 100% Plush Polyester
    • Rabbit: 40cm height approx
    • Blanket: Approx 90 x 75cm
    • Gift set of 2 - a blanket and a soft bunny toy
    • EN71 Safety Compliant

    Extra detail

    Indulge in the ultimate cuddling experience with our Mumbles Rabbit, now featuring a personalised touch from Duncan Stewart. This lovable rabbit comes with a unique feature – its paws fasten around a soft, separate blanket. Complying with EN71 regulations, it's suitable for all ages and offers both playfulness and comfort.

    Rabbit Teddy and Baby Blanket Features

    • Personalised Paw-Blanket: The rabbit's paws fasten securely around a separate blanket, adding an extra layer of charm and versatility.
    • EN71 Compliant: Rest easy knowing that this product meets stringent safety standards, making it suitable for users of all ages.
    • Hook and Loop Fastening: The paws feature a convenient hook and loop fastening, making it easy for little ones to cuddle and play with.
    • Generous Blanket Size: The included blanket measures a comfortable 75cms x 90cms and features stitch edge detail for added elegance.
    • Care Instructions: To keep this soft and snuggly bunny in top condition, we recommend gentle hand washing.

    Bring joy and personalisation to your collection with the Mumbles Rabbit with Personalised Paw-Blanket by Duncan Stewart. This mid-range product strikes the perfect balance between quality and individuality, making it an ideal gift or addition to your plush toy collection.


    What makes the Mumbles Rabbit with Personalised Paw-Blanket special?

    This charming rabbit plush toy is unique because its paws can fasten around a separate blanket, offering both cuddliness and versatility. It's also personalised by Duncan Stewart for that extra touch of individuality.

    Is this product safe for children of all ages? 

    Yes, the Mumbles Rabbit complies with EN71 regulations, ensuring it meets stringent safety standards and is suitable for users of all ages.

    Can the rabbit's paws be easily fastened and unfastened? 

    Absolutely, the rabbit's paws feature a hook and loop fastening, making it convenient for children to play with and cuddle.

    What are the dimensions of the included blanket? 

    The blanket measures a generous 75 cms x 90 cms, providing ample coverage for added comfort. It also features stitch edge detail for an elegant touch.

    How should I care for this product to maintain its quality? 

    To keep your soft and snuggly bunny in top condition, we recommend a gentle hand wash. This will help preserve its softness and appearance.

    Is this product suitable for gifting? 

    Yes, the Mumbles Rabbit with Personalised Paw-Blanket by Duncan Stewart makes for an excellent gift choice. Its personalisation and mid-range quality make it a distinctive and thoughtful present for loved ones.

    Can I order this product online? 

    Yes, you can conveniently order this product online. Simply visit our website or preferred online retailer to make your purchase.

    Can I choose the personalisation for the rabbit? 

    Yes, you can often select the personalisation options when placing your order. Please check the product description for details on available personalisation choices.

    Is there a warranty or guarantee with this product? 

    Warranty and guarantee policies may vary depending on the retailer or manufacturer. It's advisable to check the specific terms and conditions provided by the seller when making your purchase.

    Is the Mumbles Rabbit with Personalised Paw-Blanket available in different colours or designs? 

    Availability of colours and designs may vary. Be sure to explore the product options to see if there are different variations to choose from.

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