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Anti-Fungal Rubber Bath Mat

Anti-Fungal Rubber Bath Mat

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Step safely into your bath with our Anti-Fungal Rubber Bath Mat! Made from durable rubber, this non-slip mat prevents slips and falls and is resistant to fungal growth. Enjoy peace of mind and a clean, secure bathing experience.

Basic Info

Size: 34cm x 74cm

Colour: Off White and Slate

Material: Rubber

Care Instructions: Rinse and hang to dry after use

Extra detail

Experience Safety and Comfort with our Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat

Our Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat is specially designed to provide a secure, non-slip surface in your bathtub, reducing the risk of accidents during your bath or shower time. Its anti-fungal property helps to maintain a hygienic environment.

Minimalist Design Meets Practicality

Available in Off White and Slate colour options, our bath mat is not only functional but also complements any bathroom decor, adding a subtle touch of elegance.

Maintenance is Effortless

Our rubber bath mat is easy to care for. Simply rinse it after use and hang to dry. Its durable material ensures long-lasting use, while the anti-fungal property helps to maintain a clean and healthy bathing space.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover the extraordinary benefits of our anti-fungal rubber bath mat.


Q: Are there different colour options available for the Anti-fungal Rubber Bath Mat?

Yes! We currently offer the bath mat in Off White and Slate. These neutral colours are designed to complement a variety of bathroom decors.

Q: How do I best care for the mat?

To ensure the best care for your mat, follow these main care instructions:

  1. Rinse off the suds from your mat.
  2. Give the mat a brief dry
  3. Hang to let dry completely
  4. If this is not done, mould and grime can accumulate under the mat.

By following these care instructions, you can extend the lifespan of your mat for longer periods.

Q: Is the rubber bath mat safe for all users?

Yes, our bath mat is designed to provide a non-slip surface in the bathtub or shower, making it safer for users of all ages. However, we recommend always supervising children during bath time.

Q: Does the bath mat fit all bathtub sizes?

The bath mat measures 34cm x 74cm, making it suitable for most standard bathtubs. However, we recommend measuring your tub before purchasing to ensure a correct fit.

Q: Can the bath mat be used on textured tub surfaces?

The bath mat is designed to adhere best to smooth surfaces. Textured or tiled surfaces may impact the mat's ability to grip securely. We recommend testing the mat on your specific bathtub surface to ensure safety.

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