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The Bride Adjustable Strap Slippers

The Bride Adjustable Strap Slippers

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On her special day, brides feel pampered and cherished from head to toe with our stunning addition - The Bride Adjustable Strap Slippers. Made with soft polyester material, the bride's feet will stay comfortable as she prepares for the wedding with an adjustable strap for a perfect fit. These slippers are embroidered to order. UK Size 5 - 9.

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Basic Info

We have made this listing flexible so you can choose the text you would like on
one or both slippers. Add personalisation to customise these to order.

• Polyester towelling material and rubber sole

• Adjustable strap fastening

• One size, fit Size 5 to 9 (27cm length approx.)

• Designed for short-term use

Extra detail

Bridal Preparations with Disposable Wedding Slippers

Your wedding day is an extraordinary occasion, and every detail matters. Make your pre-wedding experience special with these exclusive disposable wedding slippers, meticulously designed to provide comfort and convenience on your big day.

Notable Features of Our Disposable Bridal Slippers

These unique bridal slippers are meticulously crafted from soft and plush polyester towelling material, ensuring you feel pampered and at ease as you prepare for your wedding.

Designed for optimal comfort, these slippers feature an adjustable strap fastening, allowing you to customize the fit to your liking, ensuring absolute comfort and ease during your preparations.

Tailored to accommodate various foot sizes, these slippers, with an approximate length of 27cm, provide a snug and comfortable fit, suitable for UK feet sizes 5 to 9.

In addition to their practicality, these slippers exude a touch of elegance, making them a stylish addition to your bridal attire.

Designed for short-term use, these slippers come with a durable rubber sole that offers both stability and longevity. Ideal for pre-wedding preparations, they can be disposed of after serving their purpose.

While these slippers are intended for single-use, they can be gently soaked on low heat if needed, ensuring they remain fresh and clean throughout their brief yet significant role on your wedding day. We recommend avoiding machine washing to preserve their exceptional quality.

Make your bridal preparations special with these disposable wedding slippers, a thoughtful addition that ensures you step into your wedding day with comfort and style, ready to create lasting memories.


What material are these personalised slippers made from?
Our personalised slippers are crafted from soft and comfortable polyester towelling material, ensuring a luxurious and pampered feel.

Can I adjust the fit of these slippers?
Yes, these slippers feature an adjustable strap fastening, allowing you to customise the fit for maximum comfort, making every step effortless.

What sizes do these slippers fit?
These slippers are designed to accommodate a range of foot sizes, comfortably fitting UK feet sizes 5 to 9, with an approximate length of 27cm, ensuring a snug yet comfortable feel for everyone.

How are these slippers personalised?
Our slippers come with beautiful embroidery, adding a touch of elegance and personalisation. They make thoughtful and stylish gifts for bridal parties or can be used for promotional merchandise.

Are these slippers suitable for long-term use?
These slippers are designed for short-term use and are perfect for pre-wedding preparations, luxury spa packages, or promotional giveaways. They come with a durable rubber sole for comfort and traction.

How should I care for these slippers?
While these slippers can be soaked on low heat if needed to maintain freshness, we recommend avoiding machine washing to preserve their quality and elegant embroidery.

Can I order these slippers for promotional purposes or as gifts for my bridal party?
Yes, these slippers are versatile and can be ordered for promotional merchandise or as thoughtful gifts to pamper your bridal party and add a touch of luxury to your event preparations.

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